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Recs for first bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs' started by Starzoid, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Starzoid

    Starzoid New Member

    Looking to buy my buddy a bong for Christmas. He smokes the odd time when out and I know he would like his own to keep in his apartment and share with his brother, but I have never bought one, so not really got much experience of them. Anyone here able to recommend the best material? Glass, ceramic, something else?
  2. razorphish

    razorphish Administrator Staff Member

    You'll definitely want to get one with a good amount of filtration preferably of the glass variety. The more bubbles you can get the more amount of toxins will be removed. Among its various health benefits (reducing exposure to toxins that can cause cancer) the cooling of the smoke aspect is most desirable. Last thing you want to do is inhale a cloud of hot smoke that will not only burn your lungs but negatively affect your high (and your mood).

    I'd recommend getting a glass bong that is at least 12 inches in height with plenty of filtration (maybe even include an ash catcher). Get a simple one to start and then you can invest in rock solid once you become more comfortable.

    Check below for some cool ones to start

    Tree Love:



    Ash Catcher for added filtration:

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