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What would you consider the best Marijuana strains for health?

Discussion in 'Strains' started by Cannabispreneur, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    We all want to get healthier and time and time again you read about strains that help with Cancer and many other illnesses, but what generally are they? I have went over some in the past but I need a kind of "recall" again, so what are you personally aware of in regards to Marijuana strains for your health? Do you have one that has benefited you, what was it?
  2. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    I'm not educated enough to make a serious claim here but I always thought that the cannabis plant itself helps with the cancer, when different strains usually just have different %'s of THC and can be classified in either Sativa or Indica. I've never heard of specific strains being better to treat cancer than others, I was actually told the best kind for treatments are biological ones that haven't been messed with.

    I could be completely wrong though, like i've mentioned: I haven't done the apropriate research on this.
  3. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    I have read around and talked with others about different strains of Cannabis for health and ultimately feel that it depends on the strain and how it's grown. Some may make you hungry, other's may make feel full, and other's may cause a reaction you weren't quite expecting. I believe in general they all tend to help cancer but when you get more specifically into other illnesses or the acknowledgement that some people are ill with more than just cancer it always seems to get more complicated. Thanks for sharing, though. :)
  4. Randomer2000

    Randomer2000 Member

    Actually I've wondered this too, At first like Daniel, I thought it was the plant itself, but didn't know it was different strains. Would love to be educated on this :)
  5. Clyde Larson

    Clyde Larson New Member

    I'm just fasinated on an article I read that marijuana can't cause lung cancer but it can help prevent it. They said that tobacco smokers who also smoked marijuana were at slightly lower risk of getting lung cancer than tobacco-only smokers. It may be surprising to some but other lung cancer patients use cannabis products for support. I searched some kind of strain from https://blog.bonzaseeds.com/amnesia-haze/ and search its medical properties. It may sound to good to be truth but i wanted to hear your thoughts about it guys. So whats you idea about this one? Have you tried cannabis to help you from any medical conditions you have?

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